Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fort Bragg - May Flowers - Salmon & Abalone - RV & Camping 2013

May 2013 RV trips and Camping trips in Fort Bragg are good at Hidden Pines Campground.  Camp 8 caught a limit of wild salmon this month on their first try with Captain Tim.  Camp 33 found the biggest Red Abalone of this season in May among Hidden Pines Campers, 10 inches and 7.27 pounds. Spear fishing and Scallops are open too :0) Mothers day weekend offered a free tour at the 60 acre Botanical Garden, just 1/3 mile south of Hidden Pines Campground. The warmest days are in the mid 70s now and spring showers have made a beautiful landscape.  Memorial Day weekend has a bonus low tide this year, minus 1.9 - a real treat for rock pickers and tide pool fans. Hidden Pines will open the pool Memorial Day weekend and it is scheduled open through September 2013. Holiday or weekend travelers may wish to consider using advance sales from June through September. Advance sales are available only for three days or more and are at promotional rates, without refund or cancellation policies. All other sites are sold on a first come first serve basis at the camp store, from 10 am till 6 pm - After 6 pm EZ self registration is available for night travelers on selected and posted sites, behind the camp store at the night office.

Ice Plant Flowers & Background Daisies = Hearty Friends.
Flower Power - Daisy Patch - May 2013
Spring Camp 9 - May 2013
Spear Fishing Open May 2013 - Rock Fishing Closed :0)
Biggest Abalone 2013 - May 7.27 pounds - Rob Winn

Big Scallops. Compared to a 10 Inch Abalone Shell - May 2013.