Monday, April 29, 2013

RV or Camp 2013 Fort Bragg - Flowers - Salmon - Abalone

Camping and RV enthusiasts benefit this year from spring showers in Fort Bragg California.  The Mendocino County 2013 spring showers were a perfect recipe as high temperatures climbed into the mid seventies last week. The weekend forecast now for the first weekend in May predicts high temperatures to reach 85 degrees F < :0) The flowers are blooming and the Botanical Garden is 1/4 mile south of the camp ground. Summer is drawing near. Salmon fishing... has just begun. Abalone divers... enjoyed a great weekend last week with calm seas and good visibility. Blue sky and short sleeve shirts are now common sights during the day in Fort Bragg. Evening brings fog floating over the trees and good times visiting around warm camp fires.

Campers at Hidden Pines can order wood delivered to their camp for eight bucks per bundle or twenty dollars for the value load. Ice is delivered also, 10 pound bags are $2.50 from the camp store.  The indoor pool will open the last week of May 2013. The pool room has a hot shower, a great way to start or end any day. Spring vacations are available from $100 to $180 offering a full seven night stay.  Summer vacations are $150 to $225 for a full seven night stay and these are very popular. Group events are featured at Hidden Pines with a variety of camps that can be combined for 20 to 100 people. Call Mike, if you want to know more or for free planning on your group event.

April 2013 pics :0) Enjoy...