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Hidden Pines RV Campground - Fort Bragg - California - July 2019

HIDDEN PINES RV CAMPGROUND 18701 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg Ca. 8 miles north of Mendocino - Call (707) 961-5451.

Summer Time at The Beach Is A Great Way To Cool Down. Hikes, Bikes and Fun. Call For Dates. Make your late July or August Trip. Plan and do it.
Sunset at the Bluffs 1.5 miles from Hidden Pines.
This Hidden Beach Cove Is less than 1/2 mile from Hidden Pines RV Campground.

Vacation sites with campfires, restrooms, showers, and a pool are very popular with summer guests.
Hidden Pines RV Campground has travel sites too, available daily at the main entrance Lobby. 

Eight miles north of Mendocino just 1/4 mile south of Highway 20, On The Pacific Coast Highway In Fort Bragg Ca. 95437, are The Hidden Pines RV Campground - 18701 N. Highway 1.

Hidden Pines Can Fit Any Size; Motorhome, RV Trailer, Truck, Camper, Van, Auto or Motorcycle. Designated sites are available for Travel, Vacation, or Extended Stays. 

Travel Sites From 1 To 7 Days, Or Vacation Sites From 3 days to 3 weeks, Or Extended Stay Sites For 2 To 5 Weeks.

Ask About An Extended Stay For 2 for two weeks or more = Enjoy The North Coast Even More.

The Mendocino Botanical Gardens are just 1/2 mile South of Hidden Pines RV Campground. Summer Vacation 2019... Hidden Pines Campground, 18701 N. Highway 1, Fort Bragg CA. 95463.

Call (707) 961-5451. More than RV Parking with a plug...  Hidden Pines RV Campground Can Fit Any Size RV. Well Located 1/4 mile south of HWY 20, The Main Entrance Is At 18701 N. Highway One, Fort Bragg Ca., 95437.

Extended Stay Sites Are A Two Week Minimum. Prices Are Based Upon Lot Size And Use.  The next available extended stay site is July 24th 2019.

Forests, waterfalls, sport fishing and many hiking trails are abundant near Hidden Pines and Fort Bragg. Why Not Enjoy Beaches and Redwood Forests, and maybe... a Train Ride? So Beautiful!  


Ask About Miles Of Coastal Bike Trails, Sandy Beaches, Tide Pools, Noyo Harbor, and The Mendocino Botanical Garden.

Hidden Pines RV Campground and a Hidden Beach... ask for directions to find The Hidden Beach, as you check in.

TOUR Hidden Pines RV Campground. Park tours are 10 AM TO 6 PM daily. Check In and Check out at the main entrance Lobby inside the Camp Store... or after hours... Self Register on posted sites at The Night Office Behind the Store.
This Hidden Beech Is Just 1/4 mile from Hidden Pines.

Blue Pacific Waters - Beaches, Forests and the many benefits of being near town are all good reasons to visit Hidden Pines

From Mendocino go 8 miles north or from the intersection of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 20 in Fort Bragg, go 1/4 mile south to Hidden Pines at 18701 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg Ca. 95437. Tour,  or Call - (707) 961-5451. 

A HIDDEN BEACH COVE - Just 1/4 to 1/2 mile from Hidden Pines RV Campground with two public access trails. Hare Creek Beach aka Balboa Beach is a nice surprise with Hidden access. The shorter steeper trail is a public easement dubbed as The Stairway To Heaven :0) You know, there are 2 paths you can take... but in the long run, there's still time to change the road your on... Note: Stairway to Heaven is 1/4 mile from our main entrance and is steeper than the other trail. The North Cove trail is a longer easier trail that winds and meanders and has posted, reasonable rules. The easier North Cove trail is maintained and operated by The Mendocino Land Trust. Ask for directions.

The Above Picture Is Early Summer Season.

Below - The Fish Cleaning Station.

Fishing From Noyo Harbor is 1.5 miles North From Hidden Pines; Noyo Harbor offers boat  ramps, charter, tour and party boats. The Fish cleaning station is available for guests at Hidden Pines.

Enjoy The Pacific Ocean, Redwood Forests, and The Botanical Gardens. :0)Call 707-961-5451 to plan your stay... or check in at the camp store daily - or use our EZ Self Register RV and Camping Night Office. First come first serve sites are available and self register sites are posted at the night office behind the store.  Enjoy your walk to a nearby Hidden Beach, or tour The Botanical Gardens, or consider a short 1 mile drive to The Bluffs for fantastic sunset and whale photography. 


All Sites Can Use; Restrooms, Coin Operated Showers, WIFI, Tables and Fire Rings. Pool Passes with a Private Shower are $4 per person or $3 each for two or more people. The Pool Passes Are available for guests only from 10 am to 10 pm in the Lobby at The Main Entrance. 

TRAVEL SITES 1 to 9 include water, power, cable TV, Wifi, table, fire ring and use of our RV Dump Station. 

VACATION SITES 10 through 34 - Provide all Services Plus RV Drain Connections At Each Site. 

Economy Sites A to T do not provide water, power or cable TV.

A Fish Cleaning Station, Restrooms, Coin Operated Showers, Garbage Cans And RV Dumping Station Are All Located At The Top Circle. The Propane Filling Station Is Behind The Main Entrance. The Pool Is Next To Night Office. All Services At Hidden Pines Are For Registered Guest Use Only. 

Call (707) 961-5451.Hidden Pines RV Campground are located at 18701 N. Highway 1, Fort Bragg Ca. 95437. Hidden Pines is 1/2 mile north of Mendocino Botanical Gardens near coastal trails, Redwood Forests, beaches, tide pools, on The Pacific Coast Highway.

Check In and Check Out Are At The Main Entrance. After Hours You Can Use Self Register Sites Posted At The Night Office Behind The Main Entrance.


(707) 961-5451
Enjoy RV Camping at The California North Coast in Fort Bragg. Hidden Pines RV Campground, 18701 N. Hwy 1, 95437. 

Check Out Time Is Noon. Enjoy First Come First Serve Daily Inside The Lobby, At The Main Entrance or Call (707) 961-5451.

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