Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Fort Bragg - Camping RV Travelers Enjoy Beach, Fishing and Abalone Diving At Hidden Pines Campground -

Blaisdell Low Tide Abalone Picker Family Camp May 2013.

Fort Bragg RV and camping trips are a great joy for divers and fishermen, who come for Abalone, salmon and summer beach fun in 2013.

Fire Fighters Rock Picker Abalone Camp May 2013.

The pool is open and now the beach is warming up fast. May and June feature low tides with fun holidays for campers and RV travelers who cruise to Fort Bragg and stay here at Hidden Pines Camp ground for a few days or maybe a week or more :0)

Zane Family Abalone Kayak Camp June 2013.

Enjoy pictures as you scroll our blog and note, the largest 2013 Big Red Abalone on our scale this year is over 8 pounds... That is a big abalone.  Salmon, rockfish, and abalone are all in season. July will close for the abalone but fireworks and a salmon festival make up for that. Now is a great time to come to the coast. Blue sky and warm temperatures often now including yesterday and today.

Mark Rhodes Big 8 pound Red Abalone - May 2013.

A recent hike up Fern Creek Trail was a great afternoon for only eight bucks.  The hike we took was 4.6 miles and a real delight through a pygmy forest, banana slugs, exotic plants, and a great waterfall too. These pictures turned out ok but see it yourself only 3 miles south from Hidden Pines Campground and if you like you can ride your bike 3.3 miles on the trail and to the trailhead too.

Fern Creek Flowers June 2013.

Fern Creek Bike Trail June 2013.

Fern Creek Pygmy Forest June 2013.

Fern Creek Banana Slug June 2013.

Fern Creek Waterfall June 2013.

Please scroll the rest of the blog. Perhaps this coastal region is the most beautiful place on earth?