Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RV and Camp Report Fort Bragg and Mendocino - June to July 2014

Healthy Shelled Walnuts At Camp Store.
Big Red Abalone - yum yum
Outdoor cooking just tastes better.

Fort Bragg and Mendocino RV camping fans enjoy The Hidden Pines Campground with pool and a sandy beach. Salmon fishing is excellent. Time to catch fish, tour the redwoods, go diving, ride the train, or ride your bike. The long hot days of summer are saying come to the beach. At night you can build camp fires and sing songs. Well, some folks can sing songs - ok...  maybe a few girl scouts will sing a song. Enjoy the summer pictures I just posted. Camping and RVs are open all day every day with an 24 hour EZ self registration office open for the night traveler. An advance nonrefundable purchase is available for any stay of 2 nights or longer, planning and pencil ins are free. These can be purchased by phone or at the camp store to make sure there not taken by our 1st come 1st served guests. Call and leave your contact information. (707) 961-5451. Dry camping tent sites during summer start at $30. Promotional discounts are available for any advance purchase stay for 3 nights or longer. Camp wood can be delivered or purchased at the camp store. 1 bundle of Douglas fir firewood is $8 or 2 bundles is $15. A large mixed load of pine, fir, and oak firewood is $20. A one day pool pass is $5. Ten pounds of ice are $2.50 and propane is $2.49 per gallon. WiFi - Cable TV - Fire Pits - Tables - Rest Rooms - Showers - Game Room, an amazing camp host, and this beautiful North California Coast offer you a complete vacation package and good value.
These summer flowers were photographed today. The indoor pool is open daily in summer and the sandy beach is only one quarter of a mile from the camp store. :0)
Summer rates from $35 on camps 1 to 9 - any size RV or tent.  
Summer rate - Camp 31 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 50 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table.

Summer rate - Camp 30 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 50 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table. 

Summer rate - Camp 35 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 30 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table.
Enjoy Wild Forest Mushrooms at the Camp Store.
Camps 10, 11,and 12 are large RV camps with trees :0)

Thank You For Your Business. (707) 961-5451. Entrance is the North Driveway at the Camp Store
Hidden Pines North Driveway.