Friday, August 28, 2015

Hidden Pines RV Park - Fort Bragg, California - 2015 - Hidden Pines RV Vacations

 2015 - Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground - Enjoy Beach Vacations Fort Bragg California - Mendocino County.

Fort Bragg RV Park and Camping vacations at Hidden Pines are available from noon to 5 pm daily by phone (707) 961-5451 or at Hidden Pines Market. Free vacation planning and/or advance sales for  a long weekend, a 4 night midweek bargain, or the popular beach week vacation are available by phone or at the store.  Hidden Beach is a great treat. There's two paths you can go on but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on. Open every day in all seasons, there are first come first serve sites offered daily at the camp market from noon to 5 pm and after 5 pm we self register sites are posted at the night office behind the market building. Self register sites are posted on the white bulletin board at the night office, please use posted sites only - Thanks :0)

The hunt for a 10 pound Big Red Abalone at Hidden Pines RV Park in Fort Bragg California. A 10 inch abalone is of good size... but no one yet has found a 10 lb abalone at Hidden Pines, in Fort Bragg California. A 9 pounder is the biggest abalone weighed here in the past 10 years... actually it was 8.79 pounds. Many abalone are weighed at the market building. Bring yours in and weigh them.