Friday, April 17, 2015

Warm Beach - Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground - Fort Bragg California - A Weekend OR A Week On The Beach

The Fort Bragg weather turned warm yesterday as winds died down and skies were clear. Hidden Pines RV park guests and campers are planning for clear skies this weekend as beach access near Hidden Pines is excellent. Surfers may be disappointed as the Pacific ocean becomes pacific. Salmon fishermen, whale watchers, abalone divers and Botanical Garden visitors are all pleased by this warm, improved spring weather report. The Hidden Pines RV Park is hidden behind a camp store on highway one. Green are the colors in spring. Summer camps are warm and brown
There are two loops with no need to back up if you desire a tour of the park. Entrance is the driveway on the north end of  Hidden Pines Market Building. 18701 North Highway 1 Fort Bragg, ca. 95437 - call 707-961-5451 for more information.