Friday, January 16, 2015

Fort Bragg RV Park Campers Enjoy Hidden Pines RV Park - The Mendocino Pacific North Coast of California 2015 -

Fort Bragg and Mendocino RV Park fans enjoyed Championship NFL games at Hidden Pines campground and RV Park. The February Valentines Day holiday was green and beautiful with tables and fire rings too. Consider The St. Patrick's Day Holiday for March. Cable and Wifi for guests who enjoy both are at all RV site. Please scroll these pictures. Most of the February sites were priced from $25 to $40 and Hidden Pines is just 1/4 mile from the beach and only 1/2 mile to the Botanical gardens. Camping and RV site purchases are available by phone subject to the terms of  purchase.  Promotional rates are available through March 2015 starting at  $99 for 3 nights or 7 nights for $189 - "based on 2 people & 1 RV - Selected pets, boats, and/or more people can be added to most sites with reasonable rates too. Summer swimming in an indoor pool , camp fire wood, and propane are all available and well priced too at the Hidden Pines Camp Store. This picture shows tent I camp I plus RV camps 10 through 14.
                                                                          Game Room
A Group camp is set up here at RV Sites 10 and 11.