Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park News - Fall Hidden Pines Vacation Deals - Spear Fishing & Abalone and more - October 2014

Fort Bragg RV park planning can include. Price, sunshine, fresh seafood, music and peace on the beach are fall activities int the RV Park and Campground at Hidden Pines in Fort Bragg. Spear fishing and abalone diving are very good in October. November is crab and spearfishing. December are the wild forest mushrooms. Food is healthy and delicious here on the north coast of California. With grocery store costs rising, consider using your time to come do a harvest, almost for free from the sea and forest. Call for more information (707) 961-5451.

A week at a beach for just a song? Well it is a bit more than a song, but not much. Sing songs and come see the sea. October is a great time to purchase vacations at Hidden Pines Campground.