Monday, August 13, 2012

Hidden Pines Campground, Fort Bragg California, August 2012

August 2012, Fort Bragg California, Camping and  RV guests at Hidden Pines Campground... photo fun.

So far in August 2012, the biggest abalone weighed at Hidden Pines Campground, was found by James Heit, who dove for this 5.19 pound abalone. The over all biggest abalone so far in 2012, at Hidden Pines Campground, found in April, weighed 6.7 pounds.
Aiysha dove in August too, she brought up this 4.44 pound Big Red. Back at camp Aiysha and James shared their abalone with other abalone and fish caught by their beloved Marine who evaded my camera, "he caught a 20 + pound wild salmon plus two Ling cod". Their camp ate well.
  Spear fishing and abalone on fair seas for Reds, a Cab and Rainbows = father/son smiles. On Labor day they return for some more.
Many dogs enjoy camping.
Our flat sea spoke to me too... I enjoyed a kayak trip with Kim and then dove for this abalone.

 May these photos warm your heart and bring many good thoughts. (:o) Enjoy.

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