Monday, August 27, 2012

Abalone and RV Park Camping, Fort Bragg California

Joe and Allen are First in the water.
August 26, 2012 Fort Bragg California, the day is warm, clear and bright. A flat sea as the Pacific Ocean lived up to her name. We swam where we liked and basked in the sun.
Borg likes these diving conditions, Aug 26, 2012.

These abalone are each over 8.5 inches... but only 1 is over 5 pounds.
(o: No Fog Today :o)

The Big Red Abalone, are a good reason to camp or RV in Fort Bragg California. Hidden Pines Campground diver Mike, aka "Fort Bragg Borg"... is having much fun with other divers this year, as they are swimming wherever they please. Today offered warm weather, flat seas, clear skies, and high visibility. Big Red Abalone provided the reward for a very pleasant afternoon dive. Abalone dinner at Hidden Pines Campground after the dive was fantastic. The big dipper is now shining brightly, as I post the blog and  photos for your pleasure. The abalone photos also show some reasons why Fort Bragg Borg insists upon weighing abalone. Three abalone each 8.5 to 8.75 inches, had weight that varied from 3.39 pounds to 5.20 pounds. Five to six pound Big Red Abalone are a great catch, with six to seven pound Big Red Abalone often found too, when diving in Fort Bragg, California.
Abalone Pack
Abalone Packing is good exercise.
Gathering sea glass, in Fort Bragg California.
Happy Camper, Hidden Pines Camp Site H, is having fun in the sun

This 8.75 inch Big Red Abalone weighs 5.2 pounds and makes a good dinner for four.

Keep Big Red Abalone cool on ice, but dry in baskets.

Three abalone all 8.5 inches to 8.75 inches. Weight was from 3.39 pounds to 5.2 pounds.
Borg - Allen - Joe - Bill - Aug 26 2012.

Back at Camp 4:30 Pm :o)

This Big Red Abalone 8.5 inches 3.39 pounds is dinner for two.