Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day 20010 Fort Bragg Ca. Hidden Pines Campground

September 2010 - Labor Day weekend at the beach. To all who made it to the beach and for all of us wishing we were there too... happy holiday. The weather on the north west coast offered no hurricane as did the north east coast this year, so weather in the west remains better for camping and travel. Many people visit from far off lands,  it is a good thing when their travel is not hurt by weather or other troubles. Hidden Pines and Fort Bragg remain a great destination. Aside from good weather, low crime, great food, and  a spectacular coast line... the abalone season fall crab season are offering a great start on my favorite season at the coast. September through November at Hidden Pines are the best times of the year to visit.  I  hope to visit with you and yours on the beach real soon..
Mike Jaeger -