Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hidden Pines Campground Fort Bragg California - April 2010 -

The abalone season and salmon fishing began with a storm. A low pressure cold front with rain and heavy seas greeted the first weekend of April and delayed a 2010 rush of for the open harvest for north coast treasure from the great Pacific ocean. Hidden Pines Campground had their Easter celebration without the feast of  abalone and salmon, being greatful instead for rain and mushrooms, and the spectacular beauty of  the North Coast Redwood Forest contrasted by fields of flowers and lush green habitats nestled beside the blue Pacific with her rocky tide pools, and sandy beaches inside of spectacular coves and ocean caves. I urge you to try out an ocean cave tour at Van Dam Park... I think Lost Coast Tours will be providing ocean cave tours on weekends very soon now. If you are near the dive shop, boat harbor, or botanical gardens... stop by our Market at 18701 Highway one and say hello. I want to say thank you to our many friends and guests. Thank you for reaing my blog and I hope you are blessed with a ten inch abalone and a 50 pound salmon this year.